“ Akashi is getting ready to play every position on the court

In this review we summarize the signaling and transforming properties of these GPCR oncoproteins. What has emerged from these studies is the delineation of a GTPase cascade where transforming GPCRs cause aberrant growth regulation via activation of Rho family small GTPases. The amino terminus of the receptor is extracellular and often contributes to ligand recognition and binding, while the intracellular carboxy terminus contributes to effector binding and to the propagation of signaling events.

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Friday’s Division II boys basketball quarterfinal between No. 5 MSJ and No. 4 U 32 started out as a turnover fest and quickly turned into a free throw extravaganza, with both teams going to the line a combined 70 times. Sharp is married to retired jockey Rosie Napravnik, who exercises the colt and is her husband’s assistant. Girvin has won three of four starts, with his only loss on turf. His jockey is Hall of Famer Mike Smith, who has a reputation for winning big money races.

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