„Time to put an end to „all you can eat buffet“Even though

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cheap canada goose SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileKaren Janes was flying home with her two children on April 30 following an Easter visit with relatives in Springdale, about an hour’s drive from Deer Lake.She was initially concerned when the agent at the airport announced there was no bathroom on the plane.Others were equally surprised.“I proceeded to get on the plane and we were only on there probably 10 minutes and I see this gentleman behind me kind of looking around and he says to me, „Is there a washroom on board? And I says, ‘No, there’s no washroom on board,'“ Janes recalled.What happened next left her dumbfounded.“So a couple of moments later we started going up in the air and he tapped me on the shoulder and he said, ‘Can you move your son? I need to pee.'“Not once, but twiceWith that, Janes said the man peed into a bag. Twice.“I’m feeling really uncomfortable and disgusted,“ she said. „One for the fact that there’s no bathroom on this plane cheap canada goose, and two that this man is urinating behind me with my six year old son just ahead of me. cheap canada goose

cheap canada goose SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLong time farmer Bryce Rashleigh says many crops have begun sprouting, but flocks of nesting Canada geese are scooping them up before farmers can get to them.Having thousands of dollars worth of crops being destroyed by geese isn’t something new in Central Saanich, and efforts like egg addling and cannons have had some success. However, the problem persists, and a cull may be necessary, said Rashleigh.“We tend to find that the geese, no matter what you tend to do, they get very smart, they’ll figure it out,“ he told All Points West.“They’ll just move far enough of how far you might scare them, and one of the big things that I tend to observe is that it becomes then one farmer chases them off his property, they go to the next farm, and he chases them off.“It sort of becomes just move, move, move, but we never really solve the problem.“Time to put an end to „all you can eat buffet“Even though flocks of migrating geese have always moved through the area, nesting geese that don’t migrate are a result of recent human behaviour, according to the District of Central Saanich.A non migratory species of the birds were introduced by local hunters in the 1960s and in the absence of predators have continued to multiply. (James Evans/CBC)In an effort to create hunting opportunities in the 1960s, a joint federal and provincial program brought in young Canada geese that had never learned to migrate cheap canada goose.