: Diabetic retinopathy was detected by the ophthalmologist in

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pandora earrings I hit it off very well with the 5th guy I dated, fell in love quickly. He had been widowed for over 10 years, but had a daughter from hell. She was grown but was in control of his life. Main outcome measures: Whether fundal photography improved the sensitivity of detection of retinopathy and referrable diabetic retinopathy, and whether this sensitivity could be improved by including a review of the films by the specialist.: Diabetic retinopathy was detected by the ophthalmologist in 205 patients (20.5%) and referrable retinopathy in 49 (4.9%). The sensitivity of the general practitioners and opticians for referrable retinopathy with opthalmoscopy was 65% and improved to 84% with retinal photographs. General practitioners’ sensitivity in detecting background retinopathy improved with photographs from 22% to 65%; opticians’ sensitivity in detecting background retinopathy improved from 43% to 71%. pandora earrings

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